• Interestingly, the street art depicts the irony of unsustainable bioeconomy.

iFermenter explores alternative feedstock for fermentation in south America

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The iFermenter team travelled to Sao Paulo state, Brazil during January 2020 to explore the use of alternative biomasses for our fermentation process. Currently, we test molasses that are bioproducts of the sugar industry in brazil. We will publish our results in the near future, stay tuned!

The state of São Paulo has an area of approximately 248,800 km² (95,700 mi²), and a population of about 40 million (21.5% of the population of Brazil), which makes it the most populous country subdivision in the Western Hemisphere.

São Paulo state is responsible for approximately one-third of Brazilian GDP. Its economy is based on machinery, the automobile and aviation industries, services, financial companies, commerce, textiles, orange growing, sugar cane and coffee production.

Interestingly, our team capture a street art, depicting the irony of sustainable bioeconomy: What was the lumberjack thinking while being checkmated by the last tree in the forest?

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