iFermenter lost Judith, an important member of the team

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In deep sadness we inform that our dear friend and an important team member Judith Becker has passed away. We had to bury her at the age of 40 in her small home village Kutzhof on Monday, 27th April 2021.

Judith had defeated acute leukemia in 2017 after chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. She returned full of hope to life and to us in 2018. Out of the blue and as an absolute shock, the disease returned in March 2020. Judith fought incredibly again last year, spend months in hospital and survived another chemotherapy with stem cell transplant. Unfortunately, the treatment was no longer able to completely suppress the disease but was extremely hard on Judith.

Judith fell asleep on 27.4.2021 at 2:31 a.m. Her family was with her during these last hours.

Our warm condolences go to her family and the team members in Saarland.

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