iFermenter in Pitch Perfect

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The iFermenter Team is dedicated to communication of our results with the European public, companies and the EU commission, we are regularly participating in communication activities.

Today 28 Sept 2021, we participated in Pitch Perfect in Brussels, and met 23 companies and organization that deal with Biobased, or have interest in biobased production. A delegation of 3 women scientists and one professor presented the results of iFermenter, its implications on European industry public and environment.

The ‘Pitch Perfect and Boost the European Bioeconomy’ event is a one day physical event of intense cross-border pitching, matchmaking and networking, with the aim to create new partnerships for the future and the further development of innovative, cross-border and cross-sectoral industrial value chains in the biobased economy.

The iFermenter Teams will continue to communicate the results to the public and industry.

NTNU team in Brussels (from the left): Helene, Anne and Lillian.

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