We intend to fully exploit the sugar residuals from pulp industry. We will deliver strains that will handle sugar residual streams mixtures of carbons not commonly consumed by bacteria, and handle the inhibitors contained in the raw material.


The project has a potential to contribute to the global bio-based market by exploiting residual sugars (€0.5 / kg) to recover their high value compounds (€40-200 /kg) and, with the remaining sugars, produce several high value antimicrobials (€50- 150 /kg) by intelligent fermentation. These products have substantial economical and social impact. Our strains and technology will solve some of the major difficulties in up-scaling.

We chose to target our strains to excel in the production of peptides for the food, feed and pharma industry, that constitutes over €1000 bn44% of the total European bio-economy.

iFermenter will create an affordable add-on to bioreactors that is easily transferable to other high value products by minimal investments.