Kick-off meeting

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Kick-off meeting of iFermenter project is 22-23rd May in Trondheim, Norway.

New time! Day one starts 9.00 CET.

Address: Lianvegen 36, 7024 Trondheim


The airport is 35 minutes away.The best option is the “Flybuss”, the shuttle bus (16 euros) outside the terminal that take you straight to the center and all the hotels there. There are also taxis outside the terminal if you prefer, but it is expensive (around 80 euros). Everybody accepts Credit card, also the bus. Local currency is NOK (Norwegian crowns) and is available in ATM at the airport.

The tram to Lian is at St. olav’s gate. The meeting place is in the LAST stop, and you cannot miss it.

See google MAP

Hotel information:

Any hotel in the center of Trondheim will be easily accessible to the Tram that takes you to the meeting place (Lian). Examples are Hotel Augustin,  Thon hotel Prinsen. The hotel Radisson Blu is also an option but you will have to walk 15 minutes to the tram.

  1. nadi

    If anybody needs help in the morning, just call my cellular. All the hotels around know where the Tram station is, it is famous in Trondheim.

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